Marilyn Vreede

Marilyn Vreede | Harakeke Papermaking and Box Making

Marilyn Ngahuia Vreede is extremely proud to be Māori.  She has devoted the past thirty-five years of her life to teaching and celebrating the inherent beauty within the traditions and to allay any misunderstandings between our diverse cultures.

While Marty’s national profile is as an artist, Marilyn has a national profile as a facilitator in Māori Health programmes and Rongoā Māori (Māori Medicine).  As a Whanganui trustee in the national Te Kāhui Rongoā Trust and a guest speaker for Tipu Ora Private Training Establishment based in Rotorua she regularly travels around the country delivering Māori Health and Rongoā presentations in both the National Certificate and National Diploma of Hauora Māori.  Her artistic contribution to the business may not be as extensive as Marty’s but she enjoys painting and designing jigsaw puzzles for all preschool children.  She takes great pleasure in making artists books and creating unique boxed whakapapa (genealogy) and wedding albums.  She is also a contributing artist to the Manawa Ora Whanganui Collective of Māori artists.  Harakeke paper making has been a part of her life for over 20 years.

Together this couple enjoy providing workshops that stimulate the participants in to thinking outside the proverbial square.