Morag Stokes

Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator
Morag Stokes is a Wellington based Scottish/Kiwi painter and art tutor. She began painting seriously 16 years ago, moving from a background in psychology, social work and management training to art, coinciding with her move to New Zealand.
Over this time, Morag gained an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity and certification from the USA based GOLDEN Artist Colors to work as a GOLDEN Artist Educator. She currently runs the popular Artist Sessions twice a week from her Khandallah studio, and works as a tutor at Pablos Art Studios in Wellington. In addition, she does acrylic paint and product presentations for clubs, groups and organisations around NZ.  Her teaching and painting methods have been featured on NZTV and art magazines, and images of her work illustrate a recent series of five NZ Law text books. She has exhibited widely in New Zealand and her paintings are held in collections around the world.
The materiality of paint is at the heart of Morag’s work. This has resulted in four very different processes which dominate her creativity. The earlier works are asemic paintings using a subtractive technique (‘text’ paintings) and works that use bands of acrylic skins for knotting and weaving (‘drag’ paintings). More recently, she has used acrylic skins in eggshell inlay work and has also developed some innovative ways of painting with acrylic on yupo paper.

Morag Stokes | Certified GOLDEN Artist Educator
Saturday 7th October 2017
Time: 8:30am – 9:10am

Art Talk
(30 mins + 10 min Q&A with Audience)

Workshop Time: 1pm – 6pm
Interactive Demonstration and Workshop

Workshop: Explorations in Acrylic

This four hour class will be split into a two hour interactive demonstration on making and using acrylic skins, followed by a workshop for colour mixing using iridescent and interference paints to create unusual palettes with panache.

Time: 1pm – 3pm.

Part 1. Making and Using Acrylic Skins in Art – interactive demonstration

The first two hours of this workshop will be an interactive demonstration which will introduce you to the creative possibilities for making and using acrylic skins of paint in your art work. An acrylic skin is simply dried paint without a support – a sheet of dry paint which can be peeled off a smooth surface such as HDPE plastic or glass. It can then be used in a variety of ways and incorporated into art works or developed as an art work in its own right.

You will be introduced to the work of some artists (myself included) who use acrylic skins in their work. The interactive part of this presentation will involve members of the audience (names drawn from a hat) having a go at creating the first layer of a skin on plastic or glass, using a wide range of products, including High Flow and Fluid Acrylics, Interference and Iridescent colours along with the gels, pastes and mediums needed for best results. Lots of samples and products will be passed around the audience.  Due to the drying times involved in making skins, subsequent layering and fixing will be demonstrated on pre-made samples.

Techniques covered will include a ‘reverse layering process’ explained and demonstrated with examples. We will create ‘dendritic’ paintings with gold Fluid Acrylic, and make extrusion drawings using High Flow paint in nibbed bottles. You will also be introduced to the opalescent beauty of interference colours and how they can give unique effects when made into skins.  And finally, the distinctive properties of Tar Gel will be demonstrated in the creation of coloured ‘dribble skins’.

Time: 3pm – 3:30pm Afternoon Tea.

Time: 3:30pm – 6pm Includes a 30 minute clean up period

Part 2. Palettes with Panache

Following afternoon tea, everyone will move into workshop mode for a hands-on experience of the interference and iridescent paints introduced earlier. You will learn how to use these special paints to create unique palettes of colour with a touch of panache –  metallic tinges, opalescent shimmers and moody, subtle sparkles!  By exploring how the addition of these paints can invigorate your usual colour palette, you will create a range of paint ‘swatches’ to take home for future reference. You may wish to bring along your own favourite acrylic colours for these explorations. Alternatively, colours will be provided from the top quality GOLDEN acrylics range. You will need to bring a palette knife and a 1-2cm flat synthetic brush for painting your swatches. Everything else will be provided.

Morag Stokes is an Artist Educator with GOLDEN Artist Colors and all paints and products used in this demonstration will be from the GOLDEN Range.