Pat George

Pat George | Contemporary Mosaic Artist
I am a self-taught artist; I have been a Ceramic Artist for over 30 years.
1990 while living in England I taught ceramics and worked with Harry Frazer a well known English potter & also for the company he managed, Potclays in Stoke on Trent. I worked in the Lambourne Studio in Berkshire as a tutor for 3 years teaching ceramics.
I came across mosaic for the first time in the early 80’s on Waiheke Island where I helped Verliska Campaign to mosaic the local kindergarten entrance. I was hooked.
Mosaic art challenges and inspires me to find new ways of developing ideas and I am always on the lookout for different materials to use, more ideas to try out. My mosaic panel’s feature many different materials such as stained glass, vitreous glass tiles,Tempered Glass, mirror tiles, ceramic tiles, glass nuggets, stone pebbles, milleflori, flax, päua,shells, drift wood bull kelp whatever the sea leaves me on the beaches in my area, I also workwith fine bone china as I love the way these combinations enhance texture and light, especiallyas the sunlight moves during the day.
I now sculpt and use my hand built clay designs which are raku or hand painted, glazed & fired.I hand paint m and glaze my own ceramic tiles to enhance my mosaic panels, which give them their unique design.